The Departed – Giving out Oscars to any old shite

Good movie. Compared to the current offerings out there. Good acting, not great. Was kind of slow. I can’t see why Oscars should be dished out for this. Are things that bad? Some dialog was good. If you’ve not watched any movie from Japan or Korea in the past 15 years you might even find it refreshing. Tension, what tension? They could have done more with the girlfriend angle. Mark Wahlberg’s character was just useless. Full of twists and turns? Arse. There were more on my drive home from the cinema. I’ve seen far better “gangster” movies than this I must say. Scorsese has not regained his touch. I couldn’t figure out was DiCaprio troubled or constipated in the movie. I need to go watch Infernal Affairs which I hear is better, which is how these things usually go.

7 Responses to “The Departed – Giving out Oscars to any old shite”

  1. Brian W says:

    “Full of twists and turns? Arse. There were more on my drive home from the cinema.”

    Classic 🙂

  2. Diarmuid says:

    No big backlash yet… 😉

  3. Damn, I was so looking forward to this that I was taken in by the hype. Ah well, better go see it and make up my own mind….

  4. Jett Loe says:

    Think you’re being a bit hard on it – not M. Scorsese’s best – nor even in his top 5 – but still thought it was packed full of visceral entertainment. Enjoyed the critism of the current political situation in the States + loved how Matt Damon’s homosexuality was handled, (so au courant in the current clime in Washington).

  5. simon says:

    I have no idea why mark walberg was in it.

  6. James says:

    Probably because hes a local. I thought it was a decent film, yes the standards have dropped that much, yes things are that bad, but there have been far worse films than this scooping the Oscars.

  7. Agree with James. Finally got to see it last night and thought it was a very decent film. Certainly not up to the standard of Goodfellas but still very entertaining.