Ministry – New World Order

Believe it or not this bunch of miscreants are my favourite band. No superb lyrics, no fantastic music or haunting voices. Smokey guitars detuned and punched into cheap speakers is what some probably think of their music as. Back when I was a Guns N’ Roses fan I saw Axl Rose wear a cap with in the video for “The Garden” with Ministry on it. I think I was mistaken but I had heard of the name and damn I liked them. This track here has them sample a George Original Bush speech on the “New World Order” and the video has them use footage from the L.A. Riots. These boys were the original mashup artistes. Funny that these guys started off as a kind of early depeche mode. Synthtastic.

Here’s a brilliant mashup of the Hellsing Anime and the song “Just One Fix” from Ministry.

Here’s “The Garden” by Guns N’ Roses:

One Response to “Ministry – New World Order”

  1. Fixer says:

    I love Ministry. One of my dj buddy’s favorite mixes was 808 State “Cubik” and Ministry “So What” beatmached for like 10 minutes…