Fluffy links October 12th 2006

Via TCAL. Grindhouse. Snakes on a plane without the snakes or a plane! Damn this looks good. The music is great.

North Korean Bodyguard interview. Seems quite stagey.

Eudora to be based on Thunderbird?

Nathan Weinberg talks about the hourglass method of writing blog posts. I like Jakob Nielsen’s idea of starting with a whole summary of the information so those that just want to glance get the key information and can move on. In blogging world where most bloggers aren’t paid per word, getting to the point quickly can get more return visits.

This is fact checking. Well done Suzy.

Pink sparkling wine for EUR12 a pop. Ideal Valentine’s day pressie? Might buy a bottle this weekend and try it. I need to start looking at champagnes for the blog awards.

Speaking of them. Rick wants to know is it going to be a black tie event. Hmmm. Not sure. But you’d look well in one! Jett Loe won’t be alone then!

More questions for politicians.

Sexist labeling.

One Response to “Fluffy links October 12th 2006”

  1. Julian says:

    Champagne for the blog awards? Hmmm. Noted.

    Wine Blogging Wednesday in September
    makes interesting reading on champagne.