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Rex Comb, the new Eircom CEO talks the talk

Friday, September 1st, 2006

and impresses me so far. Rex Comb was on Morning Ireland this morning and when asked about broadband stated the biggest issue was availability. Something the previous eircom owners stated again and again was not an issue. Something the DCMNR said was fine. Something ComReg said was fine. All along eircom and DCMNR had their hands respectively over their ears and eyes, the telecoms poodle didn’t have to cover their ears and their eyes as their head was quite firmly up their own HOWYA! Now a new CEO and he’s cut out the shit and said they have to roll out to more places. So I’m impressed.

Rex also said that customers were very important and they’d want to give them what they wanted – broadband but also educate them as to what they could do with broadband. Fantastic news. We need to get Internet usage up in this country. Rex avoided the line rental hike question though. Did it quite well. Still we all know it’s going to go up. I’m sure there’ll be a public outcry over this.

Speaking of customer service, Rex’s boss, Pierre Danon, emailed someone today who complained about a shitty service from eircom after they got a line installed. The person contacted me about it knowing I’d love to hear a story like that because the chairman of a multi-billion euro company personally sending emailed a customer and apologised about lousy service. I’m sure he won’t be able to do this for every complaint email send, but still. It was only a few weeks ago where a PA would send a template email to anyone that managed to get an email to the Chairman of eircom and then some customer services flunky would send a snipey email trying to catch you out on the complaint. Clearly there’s a new style in eircom but lets hope it continues and provides broadband for all.