BarCamp Ireland – (Not so) Free Parking location

Update: Went in there to check. Damn them. It’s now pay and display. Tenner for the day though. Might be worth it.

White Street car park in Cork is (no longer) free on weekends, if you get in there early enough. For those that register early (like 9am) then this car park would be perfect. White Street is in the bottom left of the map. Click the below map to see where it is in relation to BarCamp:

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You can also see this on Google maps:

Map of White Street and Webworks.

Alternatively there is a pay car park right next to Webworks.

Thanks to Terry for making the map.

One Response to “BarCamp Ireland – (Not so) Free Parking location”

  1. Donal says:

    There’s some free parking over on Gas Works Road which is very close to that but you’ll probably have to get there early. One of the few places left in Cork that isn’t disc parking for some reason!,-8.461897&spn=0.003006,0.010643&om=1