Iain Dale’s blogging guide is out

Iain Dale’s Guide to UK Political Blogging has been released.

It includes articles by Adam Boulton, Francis Maude, Ben Brogan, Kevin Maguire, Guido Fawkes, Lynne Featherstone and Tim Montgomerie and is chock full of great information. (Jesus, I wrote “chock full”) It has tips and Top 100 lists and gives a very good overview of the UK Political blogs. Some of his tips are:

Iain Dale’s Top Ten Tips for a Successful Blog

  1. Write something every day
  2. Don’t write an essay. Be short and snappy
  3. Interact with your readers who make comments
  4. Don’t try to copy another blog. Make yours unique to you
  5. Choose a blog name that is easy to remember and not too long
  6. Don’t pander to what you think people want to hear
  7. Be controversial, but not for the sake of it
  8. Don’t be afraid to offend or be offended
  9. Link to your favourite blogs and ask them to link to you
  10. Sign up to a Stat Counter which can track how many hits you get

Download the guide here. Iain will also have the guide distributed at the party conferences. Good move. Well worth reading even for those solely interested in Irish politics. Guido Fawkes was ranked no. 1 political blogger. As Mick mentions he’ll be one of the speakers at the Irish Blogging Conference.

3 Responses to “Iain Dale’s blogging guide is out”

  1. Carmen says:

    Completely agree with your tips, but one question: should I introduce more photos or pictures?If you’ll have some time, get on blog(is left) and leave me some remarks about my blog creation. Thanks a lot in advance!

  2. Kevin says:

    Don’t write an essay. Be short and snappy.


  3. simon says:

    Don’t write an essay. Be short and snappy
    Whoops too