Experimental sponsored posts on Mulley.net. (Also available as podcasts)

As a way of generating a little revenue for this site, I’ve decided to have some sponsored blog posts on Mulley.net for a working week. There’ll be one new sponsored post each day for 5 days. I get quite a lot of mail from crowds around the world asking to sponsor this site but I worked out a deal where there’ll be a blog post containing an audio sponsorship once per day. The sponsorship can be played directly on the post or you can subscribe to a podcast of it. The text to the audio of the sponsorship will be posted on the blog post too. I think the sponsors are just as excited to try this new medium as I am. These will be as non-intrusive as possible and will not be set to auto-play when the post is viewed.

Feedback on these during the week would be appreciated. The first post will be released around midday tomorrow.

One Response to “Experimental sponsored posts on Mulley.net. (Also available as podcasts)”

  1. massyandra says:

    I want to have a sponsor too! As a matter of fact I’d like to do and place my own site with the collection of my handicraft!!!! 🙂