seems to have a dose of hiccups

Anyone else seeing 100s of months old posts? DRINK A GLASS OF WATER BACKWARDS WHILE HAVING SOMEONE GIVE YOU A FRIGHT. There there.

8 Responses to “ seems to have a dose of hiccups”

  1. Pat Phelan says:

    no but 3 blog posts hung up again Damien

  2. redmum says:

    I’m wondering if it has anything to do with blogger beta which seems to be making each post that you update with the new labels function – therefore they seem to appear new to irishblogs.

    This has happened to all the posts (hic) I have added labels to using the blogger beta, so I am holding off adding more until the wee hours of some very unsociable night!

    I wrote about this and Bernie from Irish typepad suggested turning off the pinging function. But I reckon that once you turn it back on again they will still all appear on irishblogs.

    So it would appear the only thing to do is sign off Irishblogs and then rejoin once all the blogging bits and pieces are done and dusted on blogger beta. If anyone has any suggestions I’d be delighted to hear them.

  3. Declan says:

    Was my blog amoung the hundreds? I moved my blog template to blogger beta at the weekend and I labeled 537 posts, I hope they didnt re-appear.

    I knew about Red Mums problems so I labelled a small number and then did a real post. I saw the real post in Irish Blogs but the others didnt appear so I went ahead and labeled the rest in batches of 50, keeping an eye on IrishBlogs and Bloglines to make sure I didnt repost all of them. So far I havent seen them so I think I got away with it.

    I also suspected that Blogger may only repost the current months posts so that was one of the reasons I did the whole thing over the weekend at the start of the month.

  4. Damien says:

    A lot of these blogs were blogs and non-blogger blogs so I think it might be the feed itself. is fine too

  5. […] Damien notes that there have been problems recently with old blog posts coming back to life and to the front page. This is caused by GUID problems. Every post in the feed should have a GUID. This allows us to separate new posts from old posts. Sometimes people edit posts and there system doesn’t have a GUID with the result that our system thinks it’s a new post. Other times bloggers delete a post that they want to edit and create a whole new post with pretty much the same text, and in this case the post nearly always has a new GUID. Recently Blogger went pretty much way offside by totally screwing up all the GUID’s for those who moved to the new Blogger Beta. So there are many ways for getting GUID problems, but the vast majority of those are caused by the recent Blogger screw up. We’ve tried to do a bit of a clean up and have killed 181 of the Blogger type GUID change posts. […]

  6. unionnaitip says:

    Sortrt plwase 🙁
    Worng caterggoeyy…

    wkll be cawreful

  7. MammyParkq says:

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