Broadband Leadership Conference – IrelandOffline Excluded

Update: Just got invites.

Posted this on the IrelandOffline forum too.

IrelandOffline have not been invited to a DCMNR conference on September 21st in Dublin. ComReg are apparently running this conference on behalf of the DCMNR. It’s not unusual for us to be left out of these events. I guess it’s hard to stay professional when IrelandOffline constantly points out your bullshit. Oh wait, hang on, regulators are meant to act like professionals and not be so petty as to leave one of the key stakeholders out of events like these. Pity this is the third ComReg event where we’ve been excluded. Clerical errors were blamed before. I sure hope the invites weren’t lost in the post. ComReg can’t use that excuse or at least I hope they won’t use it, since they regulate the postal system too.

One Response to “Broadband Leadership Conference – IrelandOffline Excluded”

  1. Surely someone in IrelandOffline has a press pass and can flash that to attend a meeting funded by taxpayers.