Open letter to the Gordon coming from web address

Hi Gordon,

re: your comment

you’re one sad git. You obviously have little else to be doing.

You’d be wrong. I have a lot more to do, I have a very busy day each and every day and don’t like it when I have to take the time out to read emails I did not ask for and then after that I have to go and ask for these emails to be stopped. Then the same happens again and again.

I also do not like having to take the time to fill out a report to the Data Protection Commissioner but there is a law and I am allowed exercise my duty to have this breach investigated. Would you say nothing if someone constantly started dumping rubbish bags into your front garden? I wouldn’t.

3 Responses to “Open letter to the Gordon coming from web address”

  1. Damien says:

    Word of warning to those who leave a comment: Please conclude 2+2=4 in private. No suggestions on who the author of the comment was or who he works for. So says my legal advisor.

  2. Gerry says:

    Wasn’t me. Honest. Really. My name’s not Gordon for a start….

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