Motherfluffing links on a motherfluffy blog – Fluffy links 25th August 2006

Test your trivia knowledge with Blufr. A new site from Handy resource for pub quizes.

America’s drunkest cities. I love this quote:

more than 70% of adult Milwaukeeans reported that they had had at least one alcoholic drink within the past 30 days–the highest percentage on our list. Twenty-two percent of Milwaukee respondents confessed to binge drinking, or having five or more drinks on one occasion–also the highest on our list.

They’d best not come to Ireland then. Which Irish cities are the drunkest? Where could one get these facts? CSO? JNLR?

Create ipod readable documents with this site. Could prove very useful as a way of storing todo lists or even reading mobile version of websites.

The Bacon Wallet. Mmmm rashers.

iScorch – save your lighters. No need to bring lighters to a concert with this. Now bring your iPod and have a flame flickering on the screen. Will they do what that TV station in the states did and have a video of a fire lighting too?

A nice PR person sent me this link to the Bad Pitch Blog where PR people point out what not to do as well as what to do as a PR person. The 10 tips on how to work with journalists is quite useful for anyone that wants to pitch stories to the press and doesn’t know how. Equally valid for not PR people.

God does play dice with the universe. You just can’t see the dice because they’re so small.

Kevin Burton points out that there is now an app you can use as a lie detector for skype calls. Brilliant. Tom should use this for his podleader interviews. 🙂

One lucky helicopter pilot and passenger. Newschopper gets into difficulty and crashes in a dense residential area. Note to the UPS helicopter pilot who flew very close to my office yesterday: It’s not very bright to have your helicopter fly within ten feet of overhead powerlines. Cop the fuck on, you’re not in Airwolf.

3 Responses to “Motherfluffing links on a motherfluffy blog – Fluffy links 25th August 2006”

  1. Bernie the pilot says you cannot see most powerlines when airborne unless they come with approved orange aerodrome balls.

  2. Fergal says:

    It casts the old country classic, What Made Milwaukee Famous (Has Made a Loser Out of Me) in a new light. Moderate drinking, apparently is what made the city famous. How disappointing.

  3. Simon McGarr says:

    That would be shockingly Wild, party-style moderate drinking.