Features Requests for Roger Galligan of IrishBlogs and John Breslin of Journals.ie

Howya men. I’m wondering would it be possible for two things from both of you. One would be a an OPML export of all the feeds you have in IrishBlogs.ie and planet.Journals.ie and the other thing which I think would have more importance is maybe a weekly or fortnightly update from you guys on what new blogs have been added to your public aggregators. It would be great to see who the new kids in the Irish Blog O’Sphere block are and maybe we can inform all our own readers of these new bloggers and get them some “welcome traffic”. I do understand you are both extremely busy but thought I’d throw this out there to you.

5 Responses to “Features Requests for Roger Galligan of IrishBlogs and John Breslin of Journals.ie”

  1. Damien,
    I’m guessing they wouldn’t implement the OPML export as it would essentially allow anyone to create a replica site, by obtaining an entire index of feeds to get up-and-running with? Just my 2 cents, Maybe I’m wrong though… 🙂

  2. Damien says:

    But the other people could do that by just writing a scraping script. If for example I wanted to create my own aggregator to compete, that’s what I’d do. 🙂

  3. Roger says:

    The OPML export I’d have to give further consideration to, but the new blogs added is something we could do all right. We’re busy right now on Scrudu, our Irish Search Engine – getting it up and running. It should be available this evening in a couple of hours. We’ve alot more to do on it but we thought we throw it out there warts-n-all.

  4. Cloud says:

    The Planet Journals “List” page lists all our blogs, but not the new ones – I’m sure this could be done fairly easily…

  5. […] I’ve been working on an OPML list for Planet Journals, as suggested by Damien here. Since I’m fairly new to OPML attributes, I hope I’ve gotten them right as it’s a hand coded effort (James, you’re the OPML expert, let me know!). […]