Cheeky Cheeky Bernie!

Bernie seems to have spotted that I use my delicious space to store links for many of my upcoming blog posts or for the column I do for ENN. So yeah, if you want to know what I will next blog about before I do, have a gander over there. It’s a time machine! I think I’ll leave them public still. Also apologies to Simon for not spotting the links he sent to me on the service. I didn’t know this could be done and I only just spotted them now, 3 months later.

Bernie was kind enough to blog on my behalf about the fact that the Irish Tourist Board are paying for American Tourists to come to Ireland and podcast their experiences. It’s a pity the Tourist Board haven’t considered using the great podcasters we already have around these parts. Still, why not see can we meet these Americans and make them feel as welcome as possible while also giving some podcasting advice if they want some. Maybe the recent Podteched Scobles can give some advice too?

That’s the second cheeky thing Bernie has done this week, I can’t disclose the first one, but it had me laughing away.

2 Responses to “Cheeky Cheeky Bernie!”

  1. I think there’s a lot to be learned through social networking with and when there’s a critical mass of Irish bloggers connecting and harvesting there, everybody will be more alert to information percolating across the internet. Plus, it’s so transparent. My network:

  2. Simon McGarr says:

    No apologies needed! I just sent over stuff as it appeared to hold a chance of being of interest. I clearly haven’t seen anything of interest to you for months on end!