Google News – Irish Sources

Philipp Lenssen is after finding over 10,000 news sites that Google uses for Google News. He also stuck them in an online searchable database, which shows 122 results for Irish sites. You can also download a csv version of the database. While 122 are listed, some of them seem like UK sites. It’s good to know which Irish sites can get you in Google news though.

3 Responses to “Google News – Irish Sources”

  1. Justin Mason says:

    There’s a bonus of this, too — it means that users can get an RSS feed for those sites that are remiss about providing one, like:


    Sunday Business Post

    Hot Press (subscription required to read the articles, though)

  2. Roger says:

    We’re going to do a beta Irish news search when we launch Scrudu (which will have to be warts-and-all next week). Many of those sources are from Unison often with identical stories coming from the regional newspapers. Some also require subscription. Great list, though – thanks for pointing it out.

  3. […] Way back in August I mentioned the Irish sources for Google News that Philip Lenssen uncovered. Justin Mason pointed out that all of those sources have an RSS/Atom feed as well which you could subscribe too. Excellent. […]