Hello dear readers

There are now apparently 308 people subscribed to this blog. I’m shocked. I thought I had about 47 readers. Rob got me to install some feedburner plugin thing so I could see how many are subscribed to this blog. I’m sure many of you subscribed recently due to a certain Google post and are expecting more wit. Well, stay tuned because I’m working on something else which you may find funny and useful. Also I have one or two other interesting projects on the go as well which should be ready to launch in the next few weeks. Yeah I know, suspense is killing you all!

3 Responses to “Hello dear readers”

  1. Ed Byrne says:

    Must make you nervous to know so many people are listening. 😛

  2. Curly K says:

    If I added the plug-in it would confirm that there are only three people who read my blog (family can be counted, can’t they?)!

  3. […] I also got Damien Mulley using Feedburner; he’s got about 10 times as many readers as me, though. He’s one of these very blog-gy people though; he ran that Irish Blog Awards thingy. […]