New blogs on the block – Suggestions?

There’s been a huge amount of new blogs in the Blog O’Sphere the past while and I would like to use the dusty Blog Awards website to do some profiles on them and maybe ask them a few questions and get them noticed by the wider community. I think the same goes for existing blogs who have bloggers with small voices but fantastic opinions which you think deserve to be heard a bit more.

If you know of any blogs that fit these criteria then leave links to them in the comments.

25 Responses to “New blogs on the block – Suggestions?”

  1. Gavin Joyce says:

    Hi Damien,

    It would be great if you did a profile on I am still trying to get the word out about this site.


  2. Simon McGarr says:

    I vote for the Midnight court- the BBC4 to Fustar’s BBC3.

  3. Neither of these are new and I blogged about them ages ago but both are superb and deserve wider readership:

    Curly K: That Friday Feeling
    Swearing Lady: Arse End of Ireland

    Anthony Creswell from Ummera Smoked Salmon doesn’t blog as often as he should but he just got broadband so hopefully that will improve:
    Ummera Smoked Products

    I think Kieran Murphy has quite a big readership but his food pr0n is so good everyone should read him: Ice-Cream Ireland

    And Caroline over at Bibliocook always writes brilliantly about food: Bibliocook

    Now if only I could get my Da to blog.

  4. If bloggers with a daily Irish footfall greater than 500 visitors a day give a little link love to new Irish blogs, a natural welcoming effect ensues. Outside of the nominal blogrolling, there’s actually too little interlinking between Irish blogs nowadays.

  5. Good idea. I suppose mine would fall into your criteria. Not very widely read (but growing I think), fairly eclectic and with lots of opinions and lessons from the past, and hopefully humour. I’m 51 so a long lifetime of thoughts. I might even be a closeted story writer!

  6. Branedy says:

    I agree with Bernie, linking makes the social relationship, and maintains the strong standing in the Blog O’Sphere.

  7. John Carroll says:

    A new blog that I would recommend for consideration is The Cedar Lounge Revolution. There has been some excellent commentary on it so far.

  8. annette says:

    I’d appreciate a mention too – while I’ve been blogging for a bit my biz blog is only a few months old and growing (slowly) in readership. Any link love, hugs or other touchy feely interventions would be greatly appreciated 🙂

  9. Will says:

    hi John, I’m coming ut as a writer too
    (just in case you still have the fictional posts Category)

  10. Evert says:

    So new you can still smell the wrapper: htp://


  11. Evert says:

    And another one: htp://


  12. donagh says:

    One I think that is hiding in the furrows of blogoland is georgiasam.
    I’ve no idea what’s being said half the time, but I love to read it. Also they link to me so they’re champion.

  13. Kevin says:

    I second the Georgiasam suggestion, as well as the Cedar Lounge one.

  14. Curly K says:

    If we’re talking about Irish Blogs I nominate http:/ are either already big hitters or have been mentioned or posted here already.

  15. Damien says:

    Great suggestions so far. Keep em coming. I’m hoping a few people can help out on these profiles too.

  16. Colm says:

    She’s been around a while, but here’s a shout out for

  17. copernicus says:

    An Spailpín Fánach @ seems to have a very small readership despite a high-quality prose output. I often disagree with his point of view but its never less than well put and considered if slightly hidebound.

    The fact that he doesn’t do links or allow for any form of interaction doubtless restricts his growth.

  18. omaniblog says:

    Please don’t publicise my blog. I’m not confident I could cope with being better known. So far I’ve convinced myself that I’m writing for one person who isn’t yet able to read. She’s an 11 month old.

    Blogging’s for the writer – that’s my mantra. I remember somebody once said something flattering about “omaniblog”. It flumuxed me.

    How many Nobel Prize winners have done their best work after receiving that recognition?

    But it is good to be introduced to some new kids on the blog.

  19. Kevin Peyton says:

    The Health Tech Blog

    I try to keep this blog focused on an area that has come in for a lot of criticism over the past while. Where possible, attempting to make sense of current trends in the context of a a pragmatic audience, along with some hopefully relevant musings.

    Readership small but growing.

  20. Roger says:

    We’ve moved the Irish Blog Directory back out of the darkness into it’s own domain. I’ll have a look at it tomorrow and get it back up to date.

  21. Treasa says:

    Got this one from Michele Neylon a while back. It’s the blog of a Polish archaelogist who has been based in Ireland for a while.

  22. RogerG says:

    Have now updated the Irish Blog Directory with 85 or so new blogs. Had to get through a couple of hundred splogs – it took a little time.

  23. George Is Getting Suspicious is my favourite blog around at the moment. Niolk is absolutely hilarious and a damn talented writer to boot. He really deserves more readers; his blog is pure gold.