Nooked profiled in Business 2.0

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Maybe I’m late on this but Loic Le Meur points to a Business 2.0 article on Web2.0 European startups and Nooked is profiled along with other European companies. Well done everyone in Nooked.

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  1. Nooked Blog says:

    Nooked profiled in Business2.0

    Nooked is profiled in the August 2006 copy of Business2.0 – as part of a piece on “web2.0 around the world” – which showcases the most innovative services around the world. Tip: Loic, Kelblog, Damien Tags:nooked, rss, business2.0…

  2. Fergus Burns says:

    Hi Damien

    Thanks for the mention

    We got a ping from biz2.0 a while back – and the outcome if pretty impressive

    talk soon

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  4. […] Tip: Loic, Kelblog, Damien […]