Digital Rights Ireland – Legal fun(d)?

With DRI suing the state I presume there’ll be some kind of legal fund where the public can put money into? Bernard has suggested we all tell 5 people and spread it that way but I’m sure we would also like to contribute financially as well.

I’d also suggest they make it more viral than “tell 5 people.” How about a form on the DRI site allowing people to email a note to 5 people they know explaining what DRI are doing? Or even if they’re worried about spam, create a simple non-jargony paragraph or two about what they are doing so that people can copy and paste it into an email. People are lazy and might not want to summarise the far too long post on the DRI site.

4 Responses to “Digital Rights Ireland – Legal fun(d)?”

  1. Bernard says:

    Hea Damien,

    People can click on the different buttons on my post on

    They can donate €5 per month, €10 per month, or as much as they want!

    Obviously they should donate as much as they want, but more the better!

    We need your money!!


  2. *COUGH*

    Extremely-well-publicised prior example

    Mumble mumble not exactly inspired to give money mumble mumble cluestick mumble pissup mumble brewery. Grump.

  3. bernard says:

    Hi John,

    No not inspired. I wasn’t aware it had to be!

    With more non-techy people getting involved in this, and becoming more interested in it, I thought it was a better idea to have (like Damien said) “lazy man buttons”.

    Have a cup of coffee..methinks you need it!

  4. What does this have to do with that example? We are actually doing this. We are not looking for pledges to do it. Now it’s time to support us if you want to and if you can.