Wanted: Coder for quick project – Worth €50

I’m looking to get a script made that’ll scan for certain words in a document pasted into a form on a webpage. There’ll be a few dictionaries to choose from that’ll be used to scan for certain words and if found they’ll be logged and then passed through another script which I’ll discuss in private with you.

The results of this second script will then be outputed to another webpage for the submitter to see. I’d also like to have an option of emailing the results to whoever submitted the information.

I don’t care what it’s written in but it must be fast and able to handle largish texts. Eventually I’d like the option of including URLs to scan as well and possibly even document uploads. They can be in future versions.

Your name and website url will be displayed on the bottom of the results page so you’ll get credit. The understanding though is that you will not replicate the same idea or create the same script for someone else to replicate the website idea. Give me an email if interested.

4 Responses to “Wanted: Coder for quick project – Worth €50”

  1. Gary says:

    hi I can do this in php, does your hosting have php and if so which version?

  2. David Mould says:


    Are you a mind reader. We were just discussing your most recent googlisation event and having read your comment we wondered why you hadn’t automated the response and link scrape.

    Spooky stuff.

  3. Damien says:

    Heh, David, good idea but not the idea I have in mind.