Not really fluffy links for July 19th 2006

The Horrors – Sheena is a parasite. The newest Chris Cunningham music video. Typically weird and entertaining.


Police shoot a guy out of the hand of an attempted suicide.

One side launches missiles that contain ballbearings to inflict as much civilian damage as possible. The other side has kids write messages on the bombs that’ll be dropped over Lebanon.

Alienware backpacks.

Seems the “Long Tail” Book is boosting sales of “Naked Conversations” book.

4 Responses to “Not really fluffy links for July 19th 2006”

  1. Rob Burke says:

    Those Alienware backpacks make for an excellent addition to any workout regime. Particularly when carried on the Luas.

  2. Joe Boo says:

    They were directed by a journalist to create a photo op. This photo is now being used by the terrorists as propaganda.

  3. Damien says:

    Were they fake bombs? Where did the bombs come from? Who let the kids near the bombs? Who let kids touch the bombs?

  4. Mr T says:

    The link aint working, you got a in the url.
    Sort it out.