A package from the Heart of Africa

Heart of Africa

Generally I only get free brochures thanks to this blog but today a box arrived with packages of tea, coffee, mixed dried fruit and Macadmaia nuts from the Traidlinks organisation’s Heart of Africa brand. The mixed fruit package is fruity and juicy. Was expecting the kind of dried fruit you’d get in cereal. Don’t think I’ve ever had Macadmaia nuts before, they’re nice and kind of meaty. Not tried the tea or coffee idea.

Anyway fair play to the Traidlinks promoters for sending me a package with no requirements to blog about them or spread the word. I like that. I also like that Traidlinks itself is comprised of successful business people who can provide great advice and contacts for the group. You need experience with ideas like this.

Only thing I seem to not know about this is where these goods can be purchased.

3 Responses to “A package from the Heart of Africa”

  1. Treasa says:

    I have a killer recipe for chocolate slice involving macadamia nuts which are fairly big news in Australia. I may blog it under the heading of kitchen experiments at the weekend. It involves dried coconut as well.

  2. Will says:

    I heard a radio report on this. Apparantly the products are available in Dunnes / Tesco but most likely Superquinn… which don’t have a shop in Cork.

  3. Will says:

    update: I can confirm that I was wrong about it being in Dunnes.
    It’s not there.