What is Sky’s Limit?

Sky gets into the broadband market in the UK today with an expected free broadband offering for it’s big spending TV customers. While they own Easynet they have done nothing with the company since purchasing it in January and today will come the first Sky branded broadband offer. More from the UK Independent. I doubt they’ll have an offering like this in Ireland.

From James Enck

Top tier product is 16Mbps unlimited usage for £10 per month, with an optional call package for £14 per month. In Q4 of this year Sky will come to the market with PSTN line rental of £9 per month

6 Responses to “What is Sky’s Limit?”

  1. Well obviously they won’t Damien, how disingenuous! They don’t own an ISP here, I doubt they’ve any intention of getting into the Irish market any further than they currently are. Ireland is too small a market for them.

  2. Pat Phelan says:

    It would be great for someone to shake up the space.
    Am sitting here waiting for Chorus technician to call for the second time to figure out why I am only getting 1 meg down instead of the promised 6.
    3 weeks and counting.

  3. adam says:

    I love when people like David tell Damien how the Irish broadband market works, or will work, or won’t work. I damn near piss myself laughing every time.

    Pat, Chorus couldn’t shake up their own todgers if you paid them to do it. Incompetence, ignorance and a major attitude problem is embedded in the company, and the new owner has done sweet fa to correct it. New owner, same as the last owner.

  4. People like me? Hmm, you’ve no idea who I am, though do you?

    Let’s have a reality check shall we?

    1. Sky do not own an ISP in Ireland, thus they will not introduce a broadband service in Ireland. Sky bought an ISP in the UK so that they could move to triple play services. Considering how they treat triple play providers in Ireland, I’m not going to think they carry any notice of the Irish market to any great extent.

    2. Sky have a product called “Sky Sports Broadband” which is done in association with (if i’m not mistaken) Eircom – guess who provides the broadband connection?

    3. Adam, your comments just come across as the same pathetic bitching that brought about division around the time Ireland Offline was forming on the ie.comp usenet boards? I’ve a different opinion, mine is informed and grounded in reality. I made no suggestion that Damien’s wasn’t.

    I have not suggested how the broadband market works (tho I think consumers determine that more than any other group) – all I said, is that Sky wouldn’t offer a service like that here. Thats’a ll I said Adam, I’d get your bladder control sorted, that could be worrying. :o)


  5. Suzy says:

    Is the heat getting to you today gents?

  6. Evert says:

    Even if Sky started offering this type of service in Ireland it will still only be available to those people who are lucky enough to already have (or are able to get) broadband.
    It’s not a satellite offering hence it will only be available within a few miles of already upraded exchanges.
    It doesn’t change the lack of broadband availabilty in rural and semi-rural areas.
    But hey, it leaves the door wide open for other companies to step in….