Web Analytics and Poker – Interesting jobs

Got the below email yesterday advertising two Analytics jobs. Having poker skills is a plus it seems. Is PaddyPowerPoker hiring? These skills make me think a lot of the bloggers in Ireland, especially the ones obsessed about their stats.

Role 1 – Web Analytics Analyst, Business Intelligence Team
Role 2 – Email Marketing Specialist, Business Intelligence Team

Both are permanent roles based in Dublin (South-Side in Cherrywood /Cabinteely). Salaries depend on experience €40,000 up to €70,000 with 20% bonus, Pension and VHI . Please read the job descriptions and apply via the link below.

Web Analytics Analyst, Business Intelligence Team
Main role is to provide web metrics to aid business decision-making within the organization. Candidate will be responsible for analysis of web visitor behavior and making recommendations based on this analysis for improving website design and marketing campaign optimization.

Primary Responsibilites: Daily, weekly and monthly analyses of web marketing campaign activity, including website and e-mail performance and trends and click stream path analysis. Work regarding Web metrics – ranging from report creation to the impact of user. Behavior on key conversion and revenue factors -make recommendations on how to improve campaigns and the site. Conduct ad-hoc traffic analysis of key areas of the site. Develop and evolve web traffic reports . Manage incoming web analytics requests.

Required technical skills: Proficient at analyzing and interpreting data; able to synthesize information from a variety of sources and translate into effective and actionable reports. Should have knowledge of website design and development and their impact on the customer experience. Ability to write and understand SQL queries. Experience with Microsoft Excel. Organizational, verbal, written communication and presentation skills. The ability to develop excellent quantitative, analytical, problem-solving and technical skills. Should have knowledge of website design and development and their impact on the customer experience. Hands on experience with web analysis tools .

Additional skills that are a plus: PHP or SQL or Poker

Email Marketing Specialist, Business Intelligence Team.

The Email Marketing Specialist will plan and execute mass-market email campaigns and optimizing the effectiveness of all email campaigns. The specialist is responsible for all e-mails created and deployed by the marketing department; works with executives and other business intelligence analysts to maximize the profitability of all email campaigns.

Primary Responsibilities: Evaluate evolving technological needs to support a robust email program. Report on key e-mail metrics: deliverability, open rates, click-through rates, and response rates. Strong understanding of Usability, Human Computer Interaction, and Design Guidelines, and optimization of email design. List management. Message creation and management. Form and survey QA testing. A/B split and random group testing. Dynamic content assembly. Trigger based email planning and implementation. Familiarity of email best practices including CAN SPAM compliance.

Additional skills that are a plus: PHP or SQL or Poker

To apply for either role please click here.

12 Responses to “Web Analytics and Poker – Interesting jobs”

  1. Branedy says:

    Role 1: Online Gambling Site developer
    Role 2: Email Spammer

    Money makers both. 😉

  2. Michele says:

    Role 2 sounds like the emphasis is on the US market, unless the person writing the job description was clueless enough to think that CAN SPAM is sufficient for “email best practices”

  3. RogerG says:

    If I were to guess I’d say it’s a company called “Pocket Kings Ltd.”

  4. This is a company called tiltware. They are a poker gaming company that has relocated its development to Ireland.

    They are hiring like crazy (think ENBA, those of you who can remember back to those heady days) and don’t mind throwing their money about. I got a jobspec for a Development Manager in my email quoting salaries of €100,000 to €130,000 :-O

  5. Will says:

    Given the change in the US online gambling law, I can see why they are moving shop very quickly.

  6. Nicola says:

    Pocketkings and tiltware are one and the same. I got an offer from these guys for the email marketing role last Friday, the salary is impressive and have to say am pretty tempted. The whole industry looks a bit shaky at the moment tho. any advice appreciated!

  7. Bridget Lawler says:

    I have been offered a position in Pocket Kings. Is the industry a little shaky – Nicola ?

  8. Nicola says:

    Hi Bridget, with the US Gambling laws changing it makes sense for companies such as tiltware to try to move into the european market.
    It wasnt the move for me but it does sound like a very good compaany, Good luck with it!

  9. Brian says:

    The industy is rock solid, how can you say its shaky if they have relocated, published there 45% increase growth, invested in ireland and paying excellent…do you honestly think a company this big would move anywhere without market and industry research….?

    I seriously doubt a person whom could come up with the statement, “shaky” and the online gaming industry shaky could work in mcdonalds never mind tiltware…

    Like, DUH

  10. Damien says:

    Brian, you really ought to disclose that you work for a recruitment agency.

  11. I can assure you that Tiltware and PocketKings are the same, and they are indeed money rich, powerful and hiring. Spending money like crazy as we speak. If they offer you a job, I would simply take it and run where the money flows. This outlet of money will flow for a very very long time for those that are smart, strong in skills, have the ability to deal with ugly web stuff, and come up with good solutions quickly. Good luck, and may you always have pocket kings.

  12. Nick says:

    Thinking about going for a job there myself. Anyone know how many development staff they’ve got for their poker? Not had good experiences with gaming development after the team hits a certain size…..