Spoiled – My 7 quid lunch

For lunch, our chef has made this and all for just €7:

West Cork Royal Seafood Platter

Fresh poached salmon
Smoked salmon
Marinated Anchovies
Crab Claws
Marinated Mussles
An Oyster
Calamari Provencale
Selection of salads and sauces

UPDATE: Here’s the pic

Fish Friday

6 Responses to “Spoiled – My 7 quid lunch”

  1. Simon McGarr says:

    yeah, well… my sandwich has little seeds in the bread.

  2. Gerry says:

    Damn, any chance we can get Stef the chef out to EMC. Would bribes work do you think?

  3. Dick OBrien says:

    You gotta post a picture of it. I liked it when you photographing your lunch a while back.

  4. Seamus Ryan says:

    Beats my Fish and Chips Damien!!!

  5. Oh ffs! I’m going downstairs to make a sandwich now.