Has Joan Burton found her “blog voice”?

Joan Burton’s latest blog post actually comes across as human. And look NO CAPITALS IN THE TITLE this time. No pink suit either. Good. I had heard Blogorrah were going to do an exposé on it soon. I had also heard there was going to be some Google Maps mashup where you could see everywhere the suit went. But back to the main story. It’s good to see the personality come through in this blog post. Keep it up Joan! Here’s hoping that Seamus Ryan’s example of how to do it right will influence the other press release Labour blogs to change.

Lastly, quick note to Labour folks who leave comments on my blog all from the same IP inside the Oireachtas or from the Ely Place IP address. If you are going to go to the hassle of making up names of strangers who just happen by my blog and leave supportive comments about labour, at least use anonymous proxies to hide your tracks. That’s what others do! 🙂

EDIT: I spoke too soon. Or maybe I should say: I SPOKE TOO SOON

2 Responses to “Has Joan Burton found her “blog voice”?”

  1. Seamus Ryan says:

    Thanks for that. I wonder how will that go down with my Labour Party colleagues!!

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