Return of the fluff – Fluffy links July 12th 2006

Marketing 101. Stein Travel exploits the Zidane affair to market their wares. I like these kind of campaigns. Got them a nice bit of attention too. However, email? People still use that these days? If it was me I would have bought one of those badly put together Zidane headbutting games going about the place and stuck my logo on it and allowed people to distribute it.

For all those having bonfires in the North tonight, why not get your own monogrammed steak brand? You can have words like “NEVER” “SAYSNO” “UK4EVR” on your very own steaks.

Send a fingerprint to these guys and they’ll ship it back in a frame, blown up to a much greater size. And only $195

A Linux PC for €75.

The Big Here. How much do you really know about your space? Good questions like: Where is your tapwater sourced from? What time is sunset today? How many feet above sea level are you?

Horse head pillow. For all the godfather fans. Surely I can find someone via the Mechanical Turk to make this for me without paying as much?

Reinventing the mail client.

Sex is essential. Kids are not? Why are so many German women deciding never to have children?

It’s happened. MySpace is the most visited US website. Worth every penny now then?

Jeff Jarvis is still winning against Dell. Their frustration boils over into a blog comment, Dell’s “Reimaging” company then comes out and does the usual “person acting on their own behalf, not Dell’s or ours”. It doesn’t wash with Jarvis. Good.

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