Muammar Gadafi of Libya has a blog

Muammar Gadafi has a blog. Yes, Muammar Gadafi of Libya. Just thinking, wouldn’t Charlie Haughey have made a great blogger?

6 Responses to “Muammar Gadafi of Libya has a blog”

  1. Dick OBrien says:

    Sure it’s the real deal. Some of the English is hilarious:

    “Medical researches confirmed and are currently confirming and will confirm that most of the peoples overtaken, enthusiastic and addicts of the football are the first to be hit by the psychological and nervous sicknesses leading to angina pectois, strokes, diabetics, blood pressure and early senility”

  2. Will says:

    Don’t be silly.

    CJ knew when to lie. It was easier to get Mara to lie for him.

    CJ’s blog would have been all puff press bits.
    Funny but unenlightening

  3. Damien says:

    It’d be great. Blog posts about why he was increasing taxes and cutting funds as we are living beyong our means and his Flickr photo stream showing pics of visits to France to buy shirts and pictures of his yacht sailing near his island.

  4. Branedy says:

    Virtual Belt tighting, how scary.

  5. Kieran says:

    Very funny! He could have offered a podcast on how to get out of debt…

  6. yes gadafi is just the best president after nelson mandela in africa, how i wish libyans just realise how good he is