Fluffy links June 28th 2006

I should really register Fluffy.ie for these almost regular blog posts and see can I get the site to No.1 in Google for the search term “fluffy”.

So let us begin:
Headline of the day. “Radioactive scorpion venom for fighting cancer”. Straight out of a Spiderman comic.

What’s the best way for advertisers to find out the amount of traffic that goes to various websites and the demographics for these sites? It’s not an easy thing to do. David Cochrane blogs about it

Hello to all the ANgry Spudniks who link to this blog. A lot. Thanks for the traffic.

Another one of those Geographic traceroute tools.

Some DNS tools. Handy those.

Teenage Mutant Ninja, er Lebowski.


One Response to “Fluffy links June 28th 2006”

  1. djh says:

    Love the fluffyness!