Monday Morning Fluffy Links

Via Leo’s blog, get a chance to ride on a steam train.

Break dancin’. Busting some fantastic moves.

This guyon a motorbike gets smashed by a car and gets up. Lucky to be alive.

Book a family holiday in Bulgaria and your kids witness a porno movie being shot on the hotel balcony.

“The first thing that the kids talked about was the fact that there were naked women getting their photos taken in the hotel,” Mr Crawford said.

This guy makes money by sitting in cars so people can drive in the carpool lanes. Will this be Dublin in a few years time? If they build carpool lanes.

They are made out of meat:

2 Responses to “Monday Morning Fluffy Links”

  1. danger says:

    worth pointing out at They’re Made Out Of Meat was directed by Stephen O’Reagen – the same guy behind new dame street tv show balconytv.

  2. danger says:

    apologies for spelling O’Regan wrong.