BBC News Editors are all blogging

The BBC Editors blog is now public even though it was meant to remain in priavte beta until August.

Welcome to The Editors, a new blog written by editors from across the range of BBC News outlets – TV, radio and interactive – about their issues, dilemmas, and highs (and lows) they face in doing their jobs.

The Brits are really getting this whole blogging and transparency “mad fad thing” aren’t they? More and more UK Newspaper Editors and staff are blogging yet in Ireland not one newspaper editor or senior figure is conversing with the public and showing them how they do their work. It’s a great shame. So who do you think will be first in Ireland and how long will it take? Anyone want to start a betting pool?

UPDATE: Good post by Cian Ginty on this.

9 Responses to “BBC News Editors are all blogging”

  1. Gavin says:

    50 euro on the Examiner…Cork is first with everything afterall!

  2. Will says:

    In media types, its the Radio presenters which seem to have taken to blogging (and not all bragging about it)

    Expect the next big political Irish blog to be from the P.D.s…. if there is a fight for leadership, it’s a useful weapon. However it might force the politicians to stick with what they say.

  3. adam says:

    De Paper is a national Gavin, so it should really be De Echo. If they blogged, I might actually read it. I can see that happening before they have an actual website though. (Sorry lads, content and a couple of PDFs doesn’t cut it. You have a whole new media department, use it.)

  4. adam says:

    I was being somewhat facetious with the ‘national’ bit btw. Forgot the smiley.

  5. Fergal says:

    It ceetainly won’t be the times. Madam doesn’t really get the whole internets thing.

  6. I found your blog, and this post, through your feed on QueerFilter; I had not been aware of this latest blog from the BBC so thank you for it – I have posted an article in my own little blog to flag up other British listeners/viewers of the BBC of this development. Thanks 🙂

  7. Blurred Keys says:

    UK media bloging mad? But what about Ireland?

    The news that BBC news editors’ blogs have gone public is been used by Damien Mulley to ask when will it happen in Ireland with newspapers, and who will be first. (Also, which newspaper will be the first to podcast?)

  8. Branedy says:

    I’m betting on the Corkman 😉

  9. Seidel says:


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