Sat 24th June 2006 Fluffy links

Fantastic way to market Pizzas.

Microsoft Ireland has a draw to win a tablet PC. Fill out a 4 question survey to avail. You need an MS Passport login or an MSN login.

Meetings are toxic. Great productivity tips from 37 Signals.

Why we split up.

Make your own posters for 12 euros.

I fell in love with a Dead Boy. Antony And The Johnsons – singing in the movie Wild Side. Warning, naked people in this and full frontal nudity. Brief description:

“This moody French film from director Sébastian Lifshitz tells the story of Stéphanie (Stéphanie Michelini), a jaded transsexual prostitute who leaves Paris to take care of her dying mother (Josiane Storelu) in the country. She brings along her two lovers, a street-hustling Arab boy, Jamel (Yasmine Belmadi), and a Russian ex-soldier named Mikhail (Edouard Nikitine). While Stephanie and her mother come to grips with their troubled past, Mikhail has his own problems dealing with his mother back in Russia, as does Jamel who finds his lifestyle not warmly accepted by his conventional family.”

Mustang sally now baby:

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