NoFitState Circus – Immortal – Utterly fantastic

Nofitstate Circus

nofit state circus’ ImMortal2 is part of the Cork Midsummer festival. I saw it tonight and was blown away. In 2005 it was rated as the best ever UK Circus show and I can understand why. Take the worlds that Tom Waits creates in his songs and mix them with some prose of William S Burroughs and add a fun jazzy soundtrack that Waits might himself create if he was on ectasy, throw in Cirque de Soleil without the campness and you have something like this. If I could buy the soundtrack I would. There are not many shows that hugely impress me but this is one. Lots of hot guys too. I’d travel to see this and maybe you can too as they are staying around Ireland for the next few weeks. I strongly urge you to go see them. They play two more shows in Cork tomorrow and then that’s it for there and you can see them next on:

4th – 8th July – Clonmel – Junction Festival

13th – 16th July – Donegal – Earagail Arts Festival

24th – 29th July – Dublin – Draiocht, Millennium Park, Blanchardstown

3 Responses to “NoFitState Circus – Immortal – Utterly fantastic”

  1. adam says:

    The guy that did the barber chair bit at the start was awesome, I’ve never seen anyone go up rigging as quickly as that. One second he’s standing next to you, the next he’s 50ft up. He was brilliant in the boxing-type scene too, very funny.

  2. david says:

    the hand balancing guy was the one for me – he made the show come alive in many ways!

  3. David says:

    hey – i saw the circus in Donegal and am going again to see them in 2007. It was amazing and yes the guys have such fantastic bodies.

    After i saw all those men in the show, leaping around and using their beautiful bodies to sucj effecy, i did a few of my own amazing tricks 😉