While I went to hell … the 100,000th visitor arrived here

I mean this Hell. 100,000 visitors, well chuffed with that. Thanks to everyone who visited here and a special award goes to google for bringing so many people to mulley.net. Still no way as impressive as the million visits Gavin got.

But yeah, the movie rocked. From the creative team of the Three Colours trilogy. The little woman and her empty wine bottle showed up too.

7 Responses to “While I went to hell … the 100,000th visitor arrived here”

  1. auds says:

    As first commentator, does that make me 100,001?
    That’s beautiful internal symmetry (I can’t remember the word that means that)

  2. Dick OBrien says:

    More Brazilian chicks flashing their boobs and you’ll reach 200,000 in no time.

  3. Colm says:

    Gavin must have some Google juice in his tank.

  4. James says:

    Where did you go to see Hell? Is it on in the Kino or something?

  5. Damien says:

    Palindrome Auds? Though that’s more with words.

    Dick, gotcha. Working on it.

    Colm, not sure how to reply to that.

    James: Hell was in the Kino til tonight. It’s gone now. 36 – http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0390808/ is in this week, Brick is staying in and the Devil and Daniel Johnson is also in. Have to see all of these if I can.

  6. copernicus says:

    Brick is superb. 36 is entirely bonkers.

  7. Branedy says:

    Well someday I’ll be doing 100,000 hits per week also!