Should Cork people be insulted?

Billboard: Saying “like” makes you sound dumb. Or maybe Ross O’Caroll-Kelly and his peeps who say “loike”,

5 Responses to “Should Cork people be insulted?”

  1. Jack M says:

    That’s aimed at Culchies too! Who feel the urge to use ‘like’, ‘boy’ and ‘yee’ at random episodes as padding and silence cushions. Feel insulted ….

    Respect to the Ross O’Carroll-Kelly massive and the ‘Oh My God’ ‘Loike’ set from D4. (Joke).

    …reminds me of two common gaffs.

    1. The Pacific is an ocean …..’pacifically’
    2. There is not letter H at the end of this word ‘HEIGHT’

    Apparently OMG is the latest text abbeviation …it stands for ‘Oh My Gawd’.

  2. Simon McGarr says:

    In answer to your question: Regularly.

  3. James says:

    Saying ‘”like” makes you sound dumb’ makes you sound dumb.

  4. adam says:

    I’m permanently insulted. I’m insulted by this post, and those comments. Like.

    What James said sounds dumb too.

  5. Langerdan says:

    Cork people are insulted everyday. By the merest of interactions with non-Cork people they are insulted. Insulted and tainted. Like.