IT@Cork conference and pre-conf dinner

Well the conference was fun. Bernie has a few photos as does Donncha. It was a good conference if a little sweltering. The Radisson needs AC. Tom and Catherine and all the IT@Cork people put on a good conference I must say. Very well attended.

Cork blogger dinner

Photos of the pre-conf bloggers dinner were taken by Donncha Joe and Tom. There were a good deal more people at the dinner than I thought we’d have, which was great. Good conversations were had.

Thanks to those who turned up including Richard Ennos from Dragnet, Pat Phelan from Cubic Telecom who both should start blogs, Conor O’Neill from Argolon was there and also Walter Higgins from PXN8. Donncha O’Caoimh from WordPress was there, Joe Drumgoole and Breffni Murdoch from Nitrosell.

Also there were Britt Blaser and his wife Tamara, Shel Israel and Paula, Salim Ismail(one of the smartest people I’ve met, ever) Gavin Sheridan Rob Burke (Microsoft need to make the Rob Burkes of the Borg more visible, he was very impressive at the conference yesterday.)

The list goes on! We also had Branedy and his wife. John Handelaar and Sabrina, Fergus Burns and of course Tom.

Lastly, thanks to Pat Phelan who covered the corkage fees for the Stormhoek wine, thanks to Hugh Macleod for sending it over and big thanks to Secantus who paid the bill for the meals of the conference speakers and a few more of those who stayed late. It pays to loiter around after a meal!

If I’ve left anyone out, then let me know.

9 Responses to “IT@Cork conference and pre-conf dinner”

  1. Rob Burke says:

    Thanks for the kind words, Damien, and thanks especially for organizing the dinner. I really enjoyed the evening.

  2. Walter says:

    It was a great night – too bad I had to leave at 10:30. Thanks for organizing this.

  3. Branedy says:

    It was a fine night, and the beginnings of Web 3.0 (remember you heard it here, prior art)

  4. Fergus Burns says:

    Hi Damien

    Thanks for organizing – great night (especially when Joe and John went through the whole podcasting industry late into the night)

    Can’t wait for the next Web2.0 event in the Republic Of Cork


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  6. Top class night Damien. I really enjoyed finally putting faces to names even if I did christen Donncha “WordPress Donncha”. I still haven’t managed to actually have a conversation with you! Next meet-up I swear.

  7. Pat Phelan says:

    Fantastic interesting night Damien,thanks for sorting this out

  8. Salim Ismail says:

    “one of the smartest people i’ve ever met”

    ? – mate, clearly you need to get out more and meet other people… but thanks for the compliment… ! Just don’t ask me anything serious..


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