Dáil visualiser – Lazyweb suggestion

Anyone care to create some java visualiser thingymabob (technical term) that does a kind of time shift movie showing the composition of the Dáil after every election we’ve had? It would be interesting to see the increase and decrease of parties and maybe graph these against certain world and local events.

4 Responses to “Dáil visualiser – Lazyweb suggestion”

  1. Keith says:

    Sure, I could do that. Seeing as we’ll have to do that for Vocal Voter, and while John is processing all the consituency data, I’ve nothing to do, I’d might as well hack it together now. I’ll just need to hunt down a layout of the Dail seats, knock out the code, and then get the data for the various elections and by-elections.

  2. […] Following a suggestion from an Irish blogger called Damien Mulley, Keith of talideon.com has whipped up a visualisation of the parties making up the various Dáils going back to 1918. It’s neat. Check it out here. He writes about it on this blog post here.     Send this post to a friend […]

  3. […] Damien put the idea out there and Keith has quickly responded; check out this superb Dáil seat visualiser which has a record of the composition of the Irish government from the 1st Dáil of 1918 to today’s 29th incarnation. […]

  4. […] I suggested that someone create a Dáil visualiser and Keith Gaughan stepped up and did. Rockin. Nice one Keith. Technorati Tags: blogs dail ireland irish irishblogs visualiser […]