All those laptops and not one logo

I noticed yesterday that with a captive audience of about 120 or so people, not one of the presenters who were all bedecked with laptops actually had anything on their laptops with their company logo. The same went for the audience, so many with laptops and sfa of them with logos. Those name badges are hard to see you know, yet the big spaces on a laptop are not. If I had a laptop and was at a conference I’d make sure my logo was prominent and no better place than a laptop. Companies like Aspoke could make a nice skin to put on your laptop. It’ll be another few years before you can get laptops with chameleon skins.

4 Responses to “All those laptops and not one logo”

  1. Jack says:

    Damien, interesting point on logo’s. You might note that in recent years people have been attacked and abused in public as a direct result of chasis and desktop tags.

    American company employees seem particularly attractive and vulnerable to this type of attack.

    Two lessons:1. Instead of using your laptop during a conference don’t, sit and take written
    notes. 2. CrackBerry is the way forward.

    This may seem far fetched but it is true.


  2. Ditto. You’ll see more customised laptops and Binh bags in American conference settings than in Irish ones. Keith Bohanna blogged with a stylus for the IT@Cork afternoon. I used a spongy bluetooth keyboard with my Nokia phone. Laptops take up more space than people realise.

  3. Rob says:

    The only time I’d ever consider having a corporate logo on a laptop would be if the company concerned was Apple 🙂

  4. Ed Byrne says:

    Hey my laptop was all kitted out with Technorati, BDM Innovate, Hosting365 and Feedburner stickers!!!! All around the glowing Apple of course 😉