Hey GPS/Mapping guys, where’s the centre of Ireland?

So where is the exact centre of Ireland and can we see it on a Google map? And for all of those Cork folks, where is the centre of our universe? First to pinpoint the agreed exact centre of Ireland wins a prize. The Cork one is optional.

15 Responses to “Hey GPS/Mapping guys, where’s the centre of Ireland?”

  1. Colm says:

    I’d take a stab at Birr.

  2. adam says:

    What did Birr ever do to you Colm? Poor Birr.

  3. Damien Blake says:

    Right, well I don’t know how exactly to do this geographically, but I cheated a bit in photoshop to take a stab at it. I’ve been at the computer all day and my brain’s melting a bit.


    It’s pretty much Athlone, dead on.

    So the questions start! How do we define centre? I’m sure what I’ve done isn’t near right. Do we include islands? What about Rockall? Are we talking about centre of the land mass by area- I’m thinking back to finding the centre of triangles in school. I never could figure it out!

    Right, back to work.

  4. Damien Blake says:

    Damn, linked to your article and not the page where I put it on my site. Like I said, my brain is melting.


  5. auds says:

    There’s a big pole marking the (supposed) spot a few miles from where I’m from – it’s outside Tubberclair; I think the townland is Kilkenny-West, I’m not sure though. It’s near Glassan.
    The pole is up quite a while so I doubt they used google earth or photoshop to erect it.
    But you never know – just ‘cos us midlanders speak slowly, don’t mean nothing.

  6. auds says:

    And of course “Tubberclair” should be spelt Tubberclare.

  7. Robin says:

    My guess was Athlone alright.

  8. Branedy says:

    That’s great, but who is going to map the center of the pub, at the center of Ireland? That’s what I want to know.

  9. Jack M says:

    Everyone knows the centre of the country is in the capital …..Cork.

  10. Just get one of thos stencil maps of Ireland the schoolkids use and then stick a pin/nail at one extremity (eg. near Mizen head), attach to the wall, letting it hang loosely. Then draw a vertical line downwards from the nail with a rule. Repeat the process for a diagonal extremity (eg. Dublin) and you should get the exact gravitational center of the country 😉 :p

  11. At the convergence of the two lines that is! 😀

  12. Justin Mason says:

    James ftw with the science! that’s definitely the way to do it — work out the centre of mass. I’m not going to do it though as I don’t have the equipment 😉

  13. Neil says:

    Hill Of Uisneach in Westmeath is the Centre of Ireland.

    The ancient Celts caculated this. There is also an ordinate survey marker backing this up a few yards from the stone circle erected by ancient druids

  14. LeonSOD40 says:

    This is a lot of rubbish. It is about as sensible as debating how many angels could sit on the point of a pin.