Via Euan Semple is an Amnesty International initiative to mess with censorship. A quick piece of code on your page linking to them allows fragments of censored material to be displayed on your own site. Not sure how it’ll defeat censorship in the likes of China that’ll happily ban the whole net if needs be but it might work in other countries at making them climb down.

3 Responses to “Irrepressible”

  1. A Chinese student told me that he couldn’t read my blog when at home last year because it was blocked–along with all of the domain. The best work-around was to point several different domain names at the blog and that permitted access. The Great Firewall of China is very quick at detecting objectionable phrases so no matter what your URL, your content is certainly screened for appropriate text. And if you try to cloak your writing by injecting extra spaces in the middle of objectionable words, you often don’t appear in search engine results for that phrase so your potential readers don’t know you’re writing about sensitive material.

  2. Ken McGuire says:

    I’m for it anyway…. Reminds me of the blue ribbon campaign through the late 90s….

  3. Branedy says:

    I have a gif image of certain words that I have assumed would be censored, and I have inserted them in posts when testing for different search results. There is a difference, even for the ‘free’ search engines.