Radio researchers and gay marriage

A few weeks back I got a call from a researcher in a radio station, one which I won’t name because I’m nice like that. (Yes, I laughed at that bit too.) They were doing a piece on gay marriage and had read my blog and wanted to know would I come on as someone opposed to gay marriage, like I had written on my blog.
“Er, I did?” says a puzzled me.
“Yes, you listed reasons why gay people should not marry.”
I thought for a few microseconds and then an energy saving light bulb went off in my head. He had read my post listing 12 reasons why gay people should not be allowed to marry. This is the one that starts off by saying “1. Homosexuality is not natural, much like eyeglasses, polyester, and birth control.”

I asked the nice researcher “Have you read it? You do realise that it was, you know, satire?”
“Oh, er, it was? Oh, I should really read these things.”
“Uhm, yeah, might be a good idea.”
“So, you’re not against gay marriage then?”
“Ok, so would you be for it?”
“I’m all for equality. ”
“Would you come on for that then?”
“I’d rather not, because I’m on your station on a regular basis talking about broadband or sometimes blogs. I get enough air-time as it is.”
“Oh right.”

See how easy it is to get on-air when you have a blog? As it happened I was on the station the following afternoon talking about broadband.

8 Responses to “Radio researchers and gay marriage”

  1. simon says:

    No one ever contacts me 🙁


  2. Twenty Major says:

    Yeah, but what’s your stance on gay routers who want to get married?

  3. potato says:

    I’ve had the BBC ask me to talk about cricket in Ireland. Seriously. One post in 2 years and I’m Potato Botham.

  4. Curly K says:

    Brilliant researcher – doesn’t even bother to read the background details! All those wannabes trying to get air and tv space and you’re turning down offers – brilliant!

  5. Twenty Major says:

    One post in 2 years and I’m Potato Botham.

    So how many Shredded Wheat do you eat of a morning?

  6. John says:

    Damien, you should have gone and read out your 12 reasons. Would have been good for a laugh.

    It must be very easy to get a job as a researcher…

  7. Brian Greene says:

    echo echo, boy, I echo your radio comment “See how easy it is to get on-air”, a €20 blog and 40 posts is a meal ticket to radio studios as proven by me, I set up of a wednesday and was on air the next monday, now Im an expert…… Im not… but Mr. Google is the new news editor in Irish local/national radio. That interview led to another…. etc. btw congrats on the ENN move.

  8. Haven’t been on the radio as such, but I’ve been contacted by people who wanted to use my images occasionally. That reminds me that I must email that theatre group back..
    It’s probably a good thing that nobody knows what I look like or I wouldn’t be able to make my street shots as I wander around Cork, like.

    I did meet Ray D’Arcy and co. so I suppose that counts as something, but nothing compared to the stardom Damien has enjoyed! 🙂