Google Trends – Create your own Zeitgeist

Google Trends. You can check the search trends for countries and regions. For Ireland it breaks it down by City!

Google Trend search for broadband.

Google Trend search for Podge and Rodge.

Google Trend comparing Bebo to mySpace. Look at the bloody massive rise for Bebo!

But as Dave says in the comments, worldwide Bebo is mauled by mySpace.

Compare UCC to TCD to UCD

Oh I could be here for hours!

3 Responses to “Google Trends – Create your own Zeitgeist”

  1. Dave says:

    As I said on IM, if you do Myspace V Bebo on a worldwide basis it’s a very different graph!

  2. Kelly says:

    Why would anyone actually search for Bebo or myspace? All you have to do is add www before and .com after. Although maybe I’m having too much faith in humanity in expecting anyone to actually do something sensible.

  3. James says:

    In firefox, its easier to type “bebo” into the address bar, and it performs an “I’m feeling lucky” google search which takes less than a second, and then brings you to bebo main page. Thats for the very lazy.

    Theres also the possibility that people might be looking for an external review on bebo, or the wikipedia entry, and that kind of thing.