Broadband coverage map was in the Sunday Tribune

The broadband coverage map of Ireland that John Handelaar created was mentioned in the Sunday Tribune today. When you have the Minister’s office, eircom and eircom apologists complaining about it, as Bernie said, you’re doing something right. John was not credited with creating the map in the Tribune which is a shame as he did an awful lot of good work to make it work. Still, us bloggers know!

2 Responses to “Broadband coverage map was in the Sunday Tribune”

  1. […] I got the Sunday Tribune today, and was pleased to be greeted by the broadband coverage map made by Damien Mulley and John Handelaar. There it is in big bold font: “Gaping holes in Irish internet”: Mulley 1 – 0 Eircom. […]

  2. […] Tom Raftery criticizes minister Noel Dempsey for criticizing Damien Mulley’s publication of a broadband map of Ireland. Eircom told the newspapers that the map was grossly misleading. […]