Who are those masked men/bloggers of UCC?

One bloody woman! C’mon people! I didn’t know there were that many UCC Bloggers until I read more on Cian’s blog. Cian likes traffic to his site so g’wan over and say hello.

So on to the UCC bloggers, well firstly there’s Cian who’s been writing some good stuff lately and he points to two more UCC bloggers that I did not know of:

Eoin Winning and Jason Kelleher. Jason especially has a lot to say on politics and other such stuff.

One issue I have with all three of these blogs is that the black background and white text hurts my eyes after a minute or two and I have to switch tab. Not sure is it just my eyes or something but black background and white text wreck my eyes. Might just have to fire those sites into my aggregator instead.

Additionally there’s James Galvin and of course there’s Steven. Gavin’s in UCC too and Fiona is doing her PhD there. Shame she took her blog down though. There’s Karole and Bob Heffernan. One of the In, Fact Ah folks and also Stephen Spillane. Then there’s me as well. Who else is there? I won’t accept mySpace or bebo walled garden sites as blogs though.

If you’re a UCC blogger, leave a comment and I’ll add your name to the list.

So the list is:
Karole Cuddihy
Steven Day
El Commandant P
Fiona De Londras
James Galvin
Bob Heffernan
Jason Kelleher
Damien Mulley
Donal O’Caoimh
Gavin Sheridan
Stephen Spillane
Eoin Winning

11 Responses to “Who are those masked men/bloggers of UCC?”

  1. pb. says:

    Sinead over on the Sigla Blog has posted that Mental Meanderings’ Fiona has hung up her blogging boots’ – and named you as a source. Is it true? (I was hoping that it was just a problem with blogger.com)

  2. Donal says:

    I still just about qualify as a UCC blogger, I’m finishing off a masters part-time. Well, I say finishing, but I’ve been finishing it off for a while :(. Hope to be finished with the place soon. There’s also Karol but he hasn’t written much in a while. Whatever you do, don’t mention Arsenal to him! 🙂

  3. James says:

    I’ll be finished in a couple of weeks too I’d say. Good idea with the list Damien, I think I was in comp sci with Bob Heffernan, if hes got a ponytail.

  4. Cian says:

    Wow, I had no idea there were so many other bloggers in UCC. By the way, Eoin’s second name is ‘Winning’ (which can sometimes seem deeply ironic). As regards the black background, others have also complained about it. I know it’s a bit hard to read, but, y’know, black is OMG just so cool!1!

    (Sorry, but I’m still a teenager, technically).

  5. Dave says:

    Boo lazy students!!

  6. […] Mulley has compiled a list of bloggers at my alma mater of UCC. I’m sure those listed will enjoy increased traffic from his link. I’ll send a few visitors their way also Cian Karole Cuddihy Steven Day El Commandant P Stephen Spillane Eoin Winning Bob Heffernan Karol Jason Kelleher Fiona De Londras James Galvin Damien Mulley Donal O’Caoimh Gavin Sheridan […]

  7. Thanks for the listing lad!!!!

  8. […] There are lots of UCC Bloggers too. […]

  9. Ambrand says:

    I’m now a UCC (night) student

  10. Larkin says:

    Full-time PhD student and part-time lecturer (BIS) as of last week in September. And very briefly an IrelandOffline lobbyist 😉