Free wine, free books and now free art for bloggers?

Liam Daly mentioned on his blog before an offer of a free book to bloggers. 250 were to be given away. Perhaps Liam would tell us how that offer went? Good feedback?

It seems Liam was thinking of upping the ante himself and he is considering giving away Irish Paintings. Hugh Macleod, what have you done!

There’s quite a few of Liam’s paintings I’d love to have in my place or give as paintings but at $500 a pop they’re not the cheapest of presents though I think they’re worth it. I like art and especially the art of someone who’s “real” in a sense. Someone I know to exist outside of the signature. One person I went out with before gave me a beautiful painting as a present and though we’ve lost contact I still have that painting and still love it a lot. Course when he becomes a famous artist I’ll sell it on for the highest price. 🙂 Capitalism beats sentimentality! Anyway, back to Liam’s idea. Paintings. Probably the hardest part is logistics for paintings. Getting them delivered. I wouldn’t mind prints though or if Liam licenced his art to be used in website templates/wordpress templates, naturally with a link back to his website. Win win for both parties?

Update: Liam gives us an update on this.

One Response to “Free wine, free books and now free art for bloggers?”

  1. Liam Daly says:

    Thanks Damien. I should do the licence for a link thing regardless of anything else – and I imagine I will, but it’s finding the time to make quality images available.

    As well as writing a few blogs, I’ve been on the verge of releasing three more new ones, including a cartoon site in development a lifetime. And then there’s clients. I’ll get there though.