Colm O’Gorman is running for the PDs?

Colm O’Gorman running for the PDs in Wexford? This is impressive because he might just be the first out TD. One wonders why Wexford Labour turned him down. Lets see how the media covers this and what issues they highlight.

6 Responses to “Colm O’Gorman is running for the PDs?”

  1. Johnny says:

    I think Brendan Howlin might have seen him as a threat to his seat

  2. Damien says:

    But surely rampant single heterosexual Brendan would have been perfectly balanced by Colm?

  3. simon says:

    maybe Colm realised the stupidity of Labours ecommic policies. 🙂

    I labour and PD’s are quiet similar on social issues. For instances they are 2 parties (not sure of the greens but they are newerish) mainly calling for seperation of schools from education.

    I am not sure his sexuality will count for much. There was a Fianna Fail council in Wexford outed by a newspaper. And it drew little protest from people in wexford save for people critising the paper.

    I wouldn’t consider it a big deal what the sexuality of a TD was.

    What is your own opinion on that matter is it a step forward or does it even matter?

  4. Damien says:

    I think it’s a non-issue really but it’s good to see a gay role model who isn’t a hairdresser, a style coordinator or a suped up bingo caller.

    It would also be good to see the first gay man in the Dáil who doesn’t lie about his or her sexuality. Yeah there’s Norris in the Senate but he’s a vaudeville act

    I still think the tabloids will decide to make a non-story about his sexuality closer to the election. Nature of the beast.

  5. Johnny says:

    LOL – “rampant heterosexual Brendan” was quoted in todays Examiner rubbishing Bertie Aherns claim to support openly gay candidates in FF

    I have a feeling the tabloids WILL make a big deal out of his sexuality and other personal issues

  6. Nice to see Irish politics at work as usual.

    Policy? Who cares? I want a seat!