Would you out a blogger for a grand?

MetaFilter reports on news from Prince Edward Island that a local businessman is so pissed off with an anonymous blogger that he’s offering a 1000 Canadian dollars (which is like 50pence in old money) to get the identity of a blogger. More on this from CBC. If I were the anon blogger I’d offer a thousand bucks to dish more gossip on the businessman. Or give fifty bucks each to anyone that outs themselves as the blogger and waste a lot of time. I wonder how much people would pay to out that blog from Dundalk?

EDIT: Amended town name.

11 Responses to “Would you out a blogger for a grand?”

  1. Rob says:

    Hmm, the whole thing looks dodgy as hell, to be honest.

  2. Curly K says:

    I wouldn’t out any blogger for a million bucks – I’d hate to be outted myself. Only a very few people know I blog and for now that’s the way it’ll stay. It will be interesting to see how much integrity there is in the blogosphere on the other side of the water!

  3. I’d out myself for a grand, it would pay my bin charges and next months rent. 🙂

  4. auds says:

    With Richard Waghorne saying that anonymous bloggers lack respect or something for not signing their posts, and this, I’m starting to feel a little paranoid about posting anonymously.

    Well, I don’t actually have an paranoid delusions, but I could if this anonymous blogger bullying continues.

  5. EWI says:

    For free I’ll out Richard Waghorne as being a Tuppenceworth.ie prank that took yez all in, ye suckers.

  6. Damien says:

    You have a stonking big erection for Richard, don’t you?

  7. auds says:

    “You have a stonking big erection for Richard, don’t you?”

    Yeh, No.

  8. Damien says:

    Nooooooo. noooooooo, noooo, nooo. no. Not you wifey, I mean fan no. 1 – EWI. If I didn’t bait the Mac zealots and mention Richard from time to time I’d never have him comment here. Unless I mentioned lesbians.

  9. auds says:

    I know that probably wasn’t directed at me and I wanted to add a Friends-type sarcastic inflection but that’s difficult to do in a comment box without a lengthy explanation that takes from the whole thing.

    But that’s not a very nice thing to say, is it really?

  10. auds says:

    This is getting too weird.
    i’ve study to do. Especially since my exam today resulted in a viva and I’ve “the most important exam of my life” quoting the prof of medicine tommorrow and have yet to study.
    Plus, when you mentioned Mac I thought McDonalds.
    I bid you adieu.

  11. EWI says:

    and mention Richard from time to time

    In fairness, you’ve been mentioning Richard rather more than from “time to time” recently. Is there a happy announcement…?