Dublin Blog Beers on Saturday May 13th?

Anyone interested? Am in Dublin on the 14th for a concert so may come up a day early.

10 Responses to “Dublin Blog Beers on Saturday May 13th?”

  1. RW says:

    Sounds great. Count me in anyway.

  2. Suzy says:

    Yup…should be able to make it.

  3. Dick OBrien says:

    Should be able to swing along for a while on the day, depending on the time.

  4. winds says:

    Won’t be around but have a good time.

  5. Politics.is is having our monthly beers (Polly Night) that evening, we’ll see you off good!

    *strokes cricket bat*


  6. Fergal Breen says:

    Count me in. Where is the meet?

  7. Sinéad says:

    I’ve got to go to a hen that night but could stop in for a babycham en route.

  8. that girl says:

    count me in depending on what time..

  9. EWI says:

    *strokes cricket bat*

    Is that an FI euphemism for something else? If so, will someone please think of the children…?

  10. […] Following up on the idea for meeting on Dublin on May 13th. So, who’s around next week and what time are people around? The previous feeling seemed to be for early evening as Saturday nights are already booked out. Anyone want to suggest a time and a venue? Technorati Tags: blogs ireland irish irishblogs […]