Longest commute in Ireland – So much for teleworking

A while back TheRegister wrote about a guy in California that has a 7 hour roundtrip commute. This guy works in Cisco and drives 186 miles from his house to get there and then when finished for the day drives 186 miles back.

With his family still sleeping, Givens heads out the door at around 4:30 a.m. from a horse ranch at the edge of the astonishing Yosemite National Park. On a good day, he can make the 186-mile trip to Cisco’s sprawling offices in less than three hours.

To highlight the fact that broadband isn’t ubiquitous in Ireland, perhaps there should be a competition to find the person with the longest daily commute in Ireland? It’d be great if a broadband company sponsored this but there would be a very strong possibility the winner themselves are not in a broadband area and so it might look a tad funny if a broadband company gives the person a voucher for dialup Internet. Of course they could gibe them broadband for boats and install a satellite dish.

EDIT: When I type in Telework Ireland, the Telework Ireland site is first in the results. The site is down now but if it was up you’d notice all the cowebs on it. Not been updated in a long long while. The first ad for this search is a job ad for Google.

8 Responses to “Longest commute in Ireland – So much for teleworking”

  1. Piaras Kelly says:

    Nice redesign of the site.

    In fairness if a broadband company sponsored this, they could leverage it to highlight the poor state of the LLU process.

  2. Branedy says:

    I’ll start, I work for a company in LetterKenny, and telecompute, but have to visit one week out of 5 or 6. My commute is 6.5 hours from Cork.

  3. Piaras Kelly says:

    Hmmm redesign disappeared again.

  4. James says:

    In some of the Intel fabs on the west coast USA, I’ve heard that some of the employees bring a mobile home and live in the parking lot while they’re on shift (3 days one week, 4 days the next week) and then drive home halfway across the US.

  5. […] Irish people, especially people living in and around Dublin spend quite a lot of their time talking about traffic, the length of their commute, and how poor public transport can be (when they’re not talking about the weather that is!). Damien Mulley has been writing about a Cisco employee in the US who commutes for an average of 7 hours every day to and from work, and is interested to find out about Ireland’s longest average commute, which I’m sure is going to come from someone living down the country and working in Dublin every day. I know I personally spend just under three hours commuting every day to and from Temple Bar, let us know what your commute is either here or on Damien’s site. […]

  6. Rob says:

    Well, realistically, teleworking isn’t always an option, no matter what connectivity you have. No doubt the Yellowstone Park guy could get broadband, even if only of the satellite variety.

  7. Paul Browne says:

    I’m sure this one is going to get beaten, but last year commuted from Drogheda to Belfast for 6 months.

    I’ve heard of people doing Dungannon -> Portadown -> Dublin -> Blackrock -> Sandyford on a daily basis – about 3 hours each way if the train isn’t late.

  8. Ronan Flood says:

    I’m in Blessington commuting into RTE in Donnybrook… luckily the hours are flexible so a potential 1hour 45min at 7:30-8am turns into a doable 45-50 min at 9am…. you gotta love that M50… or not!

    I’m actually researching for a new program in RTE called Not Enough Hours. It’s a Lifestyles program based around time management and helping people make a positive impact on it. I’ve been charged with finding a commuter who would be willing to take part… a difficult task because they’re all on busses or in their cars… anywho if any of you are interested in taking part in the program why don’t you give me a call on 01 2084587.