Shill Shill Shill – The Irish Times piece on blogs and defamation

I see that the Irish Times turned the pimping for work press release from Karyn Harty into an opinion piece

The long awaited Defamation Bill, which was presented to Cabinet on Wednesday, may not immediately excite the interest of those who are not in the publishing business. But in reality, the increasing use of the internet and, in particular, blog sites (personal weblogs) means that it is now much more likely that any one of us could be defamed or be responsible for defaming someone.


Hadly any variation on the press release. As Gavin also points out. This is pure pimping and still adds nothing to the debate. TJ McIntyre and the good folks at Digital Rights Ireland are probably better qualified to write this piece.

This is as poor as “Spam is dangerous, writes anti-spam company shill” or “Man who sells vitamin tablets tries to insinuate his competition are dodgy in shitty press release” type pieces.


One Response to “Shill Shill Shill – The Irish Times piece on blogs and defamation”

  1. If Harty was off-message, shouldn’t you cite the substantive issues related to the debate on blogging and defamation instead of giving oxygen to the pimping piece carried in the Irish Times?