Technorati: A survey company only?

Another state of the blogosphere and more fantastic stats but that’s even more fascinating is that Technorati still exists. What does it do apart from stats and surveys? Technorati is just a blog stats company in my view. How many years has it been running? I’m still quite curious as to what the business model for this is? How are they making money again?

I’m with Marc Canter on this one, show us the money!

I listened to Tom Raftery’s Podcast with David Sifry and I wasn’t impressed at all. He seemed quite evasive on many technorati related questions like funding and making money. The site is slow, the way it seems to rank things is a bit like playing black magic and I’ve rarely seen stuff come my way from it. Compare that to daily traffic from Tailrank. Technorati has been at it for a good bit now, shouldn’t they start making a profit soon or selling themselves to someone? Though all it needs is a little time and a Google algorithm tweak and they could be quite screwed. Maybe I’m blind but what value does it bring to net users? Do they secretly sell their surveys to the NSA and FBI? If they make themselves a blog version of Nielsen then yeah, they might be on to some gold.

3 Responses to “Technorati: A survey company only?”

  1. Dick OBrien says:

    I’ve rarely seen stuff come my way from it. Compare that to daily traffic from Tailrank.

    That’s funny. We get a fair whack of traffic from Technorati. For example, this evening we were getting hits from it within minutes of the Angela Merkel post going up. I’ve never seen anything coming our way from Tailrank, but then again, maybe we have to register or something.

    Technorati is buggy and slow, but I still use almost every day for tracking blog reaction to stories.

    Don’t ask me how they’re going to make money though, but I see they’re getting a few big media deals in, such as the WaPo, and today I noticed Der Spiegel had Technorati built into its site.

  2. Branedy says:

    I’m wondering if Technorati hasn’t been twisted into a political right turn by the number of MySpace blogger climbing up the stats scores? I noted something there has changed recently.

  3. Tom Raftery says:

    Tbh Damien – I get quite a lot of traffic from Technorati as well – possibly ‘cos I Tag my posts. I get very little traffic from TailRank but for some reason i get truckloads of traffic from Megite!